According to the latest research of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions “Web and Email Security Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trends, and Analysis Through 2020” the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2016-2020 and is expected to reach $4.43 billion by 2020. North America market is expected to continue to hold the largest market position; however the majority of the growth is expected to come from Asia and Latin America regions.

Today’s generation of employees have diverse array of options for communication including email, instant messengers, live chat rooms and several others. While these are extremely useful for daily operations, data sharing on these channels is exposed to multiple threats. Information security is very critical for any organization or individual as it can directly impact its safety, security, and organizations reputation as a whole.

Internet threats are increasingly becoming more refined and mostly appear to be genuine requests. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs),botnets, zero-day attacks and other types of malware that are used to hack business email systems present huge financial set-backs at global level. Several cutting edge intelligence features that were once considered ‘good to have’ like sandboxing and cloud-security have now becoming mandatory. Social engineering dangers like spear phishing are on the rise that points towards a major change from scattered mass emails to focused email threats. For examples, banks have begun using an SMS based two-pronged verification for all financial transactions.

Prevention against Social Spam

Suppliers of web and email content security are providing enhanced value by helping client prevent against social spam. Spammers are transferring a large amount of worthless emails, pollute highly visited websites, and might even link malware.
Spammers have populated the social media platform since they appear to provide links to online malicious contents, and this hampers the functioning of websites which are required for daily operations of several organizations such as internet banking, online ticketing, online retails, foreign exchange, and several others eCommerce websites.

Increased Vulnerability through BYOD and now WYOD

Bring-your-own-device is an initiative where employees can bring their personal devices and have the access of company’s application and network resources. BYOD trends have made significant inroads especially in developed regions of US and Europe. However BYOD trends have led to several information and network security issues within organizations. The organizations are still facing challenges in formulating effective security policies and implementing them across the organizations.

Presently wearable technologies are getting huge traction with significant growth of wearable technologies such as smart watches, headsets, fitness band, smart wristbands, smart healthcare application and several others. While organizations are still learning to cope up with BYOD, wearable technologies are leading to the emerging trend of Wear-your-own-devices (WYOD) and hence further increasing the organization’s security related concerns.

BYOD and WYOD programs make it easy to entice hackers with the Holy Grail now being to infiltrate a company’s perimeter through mobile devices, either through social engineering scams that get access to company data through a mobile device or just by sitting across the street and attacking the company’s WiFi through an infected mobile phone. Small and mid-size businesses face higher risks because they’re often not able to keep up with BYOD related security policies with ever changing threat scenario.

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