Video Surveillance as a service (VSaaS) is provided with the help of Cloud technology and video surveillance devices. With the growing use of multi-mega pixel HD cameras, vast amounts of video surveillance data are being generated. The cloud computing provides efficient storage especially to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Some of the benefits offered by cloud technology are – lower capital investment, lower power consumption, practical hardware utilisation, reduced IT personnel cost and better reliability. The major benefit that distinguishes VSaaS using Cloud and conventional DVR, NVR or VMS set-ups is that in a Cloud set-up, cloud server itself manages and executes video processing. . Most organisations prefer a hybrid model for video data storage like cloud storage plus traditional private storage. There is a high anticipation of growth in VSaaS in the coming years because of better data connectivity using 3G and 4G; therefore, it is also being used for commercial and residential use. An increase in implementation of VSaaS systems in video monitoring by government organisations is driving the market of IP Surveillance and VSaaS set-ups. The pay per use and no additional hardware requirement makes VSaaS through Cloud a very viable option for almost all scale of operations.

New Trends in Video Surveillance and VSaaS

VSaaS is expected to grow rapidly in view of increasing security concerns, emergence of smart cities and growing demand for video surveillance. VSaaS as a cloud based video surveillance solutions is suitable for small to large buildings as well as for city surveillance application.

Users are upgrading standard definition SD Analog devices to High Definition HD CCTV cameras. Due to growing security concerns, several countries are improving video coverage of public areas for anti-terrorism security. Hence demand for video-surveillance is expected to find an increase in the next four to five years.

Followings are the major trends in VSaaS and IP-Video Surveillance:

IP Camera Boom for Video Surveillance

IP cameras are the main drivers of VSaaS due to many factors, such as

  • Users are identifying the need of a solution to their video surveillance problem instead of just a high definition camera. IP cameras help in real-time analytics with better access control.
  • IP cameras come with varied capabilities like – motion and audio detection, camera tampering alert, people counting and vehicle number plate recognition.
  • Business Management gets many benefits through the open platform infrastructure and application programme interfaces (API) present in cloud servers.
  • IP cameras are getting wider acceptance in small scale operations which are larger in number. Cloud-based video solution and IP cameras with SD cards help users integrate their devices such as smartphones and tablets and use their wireless broadband. You get simple to use setup with minimum maintenance.
  • Many new buildings are being built with intelligent IoT (Internet of things) infrastructure already in place. They are very conducive to IP camera installation and VSaaS architecture.
  • HDTV is becoming a norm these days: a conversion from previous CRT TV’s and they work well with IP surveillance.
  • IP cameras with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) offer a range of different lighting conditions video capturing.
  • The video surveillance data is accessible from anywhere.

VSaaS for Body Worn Surveillance

The present market suits the VSaaS set-up. VSaaS provides the necessary flexibility and scalability required. It is like having security guards throughout the country that can access and download their video data to a central storage site. All it needs is an internet enabled device and connection. It is highly useful in government police force, as it can be very effective in capturing the behaviour of the officers as well as the public.

  • In facilities across the countries, it is always beneficial to give additional video recording facility to security personnel. So that there is an objective record of events for analysis.
  • A body camera having a push button gives real time recording and can be quickly uploaded to a cloud server through an internet connection.
  • It gives better response times with faster decision making saving both money and time of organisations.

City Surveillance through VSaaS

More and more cities are looking up to VSaaS implementation with the help of cloud-based technologies. The inherent advantages of having cloud servers for video analytics like having high data storage capacity without purchasing new hardware, access points reachable through a normal internet connection and no major investment makes it one of the best options for City Video Surveillance. In present times with high terrorist risks, video surveillance is a key weapon in combating terrorism and VSaaS is one of the best means to implement it.

4K Video Surveillance

It has been on a major upswing for the last couple of years and market trends show more production of 4K cameras.

  • More 4K compliant cameras will be launched because of the rising use of 4KP30 and 4KP60 chip-sets.
  • Earlier there used to be a trade off in the resolution offered and frame rate, normally a lower frame rate was given for higher resolution but advancements made are giving a higher frame rate as well.
  • Different marketing strategies may be used, such as to market 4K like Ultra HD or UHD and emphasise better low light performance.
  • 4K will not only be used for network surveillance, with the help of HD CCTV 4K video will be brought to non-network systems.

HD CCTV Cameras

There is a major increase in the use of HD CCTV cameras. The market has grown rapidly over the years despite HD CCTV set-up being slow. Presently, many new versions of HD CCTV are in the market.

  • Earlier, HD TVI, AHD, and HD-SDI were released which gave the benefit of delivering videos over existing coaxial cables.
  • HD CCTV has mainly been implemented in these analog methods as the earlier methods gave little options to switch to better technologies.
  • HD CCTV offers maximum image resolution lower than the other network cameras, higher resolution HD CCTV such as the 3, 5 and 8-mega pixel equivalent variants are available in the market.
  • There is a growing conversion from SD analog set-up to HD CCTV equipment. IP cameras also provide another good option from HD CCTV but currently, the HD CCTV demand is set to grow.

Drone Surveillance

Mobility of video surveillance is the drone surveillance camera. This can be implemented by using VSaaS architecture. Capturing video in different formats and then forwarding the data in real time to cloud servers can provide surveillance over a wide area. Cloud computing requires a small communicating device and the actual video processing takes place on the cloud server thus leaves  surveillance drones to be  lightweight.

Improved Storage Options for VSaaS

DVR is the latest form of conventional video monitoring type. VSaaS use compressed video data, as it sends the information over the internet and store it. Now, after HD compliant these are becoming obsolete. Panoramic and 4K cameras have high storage set-ups.

  • Better analytics and compression technologies reduce the storage requirements. However, high-resolution surveillance demands better storage solutions.
  • There is a strong demand for intelligent video surveillance solutions. This also means a change in data storage and analysis procedures and a greater adoption of cloud-based computing.

VSaaS offers better quality solution which will be implemented widely in the coming years. As the technologies which are part of VSaaS become more advanced, VSaaS systems will also become more powerful tools for surveillance.

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