Strategic Briefing & Workshop 

Our Strategic Briefing and Workshop helps client explore current state versus future state of the industry through interactive strategic sessions. Quadrant’s analyst briefing and workshop can be designed based on client’s specific market requirements. Quadrant’s briefings provide detailed analysis of the market trends and challenges, technology insights, economic analysis, and strategic perspectives with respect to client’s industry focus and business objectives. Quadrant workshops are the best way to generate fresh ideas and actionable insights for formulating growth strategies.

Quadrant Strategic Briefing and Workshop sessions include a presentation market trends, challenges & opportunities, economic perspectives, and strategies for success in client’s focus industries and markets. These presentations help clients generate fresh ideas, facilitate informative discussions among team members.

Quadrant works with the client in designing the scope for Strategic Briefing and Workshop sessions based on an annual subscription or client’s specific short-term business needs.

Our Sector Coverage for Strategic Briefings and Workshops:

  • Automation & Control (A&C)
  • Energy & Power Systems (EPS)
  • Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Semiconductor & Electronics (S&E)
  • Network and Cyber Security Technologies
  • Building Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Connected Home & Smart Cities
  • Big Data and Analytics

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