Samsung recently announced that it will invest nearly $1.2 Billion in the period of next four years to boost the start-ups that are aiding computing power to everyday devices. Samsung investment will be distributed across various Internet of things applications such as digital health, smart machines, drones, robots, autonomous vehicles and such others.

Samsung will invest around $ 0.6 billion in US IoT related start-ups and another $ 0.6 billion will be invested for the market coming out of these IoT facilities. Samsung facilitates the start-ups to use Samsung’s own technology, especially in the components business. Samsung is the leading provider of chips in the global market and IoT is an integral part of its business. Recently, Samsung has announced its Artik chips that are designed for low power IoT devices. In the same lines Samsung recently acquired Joyent Inc., a company based at San Francisco. Joyent deals provides cloud servers and data centers.