Quadrant Research Identifies Happiest Minds as an Emerging IoT Star in the Retail Market

Presently, the global retail industry is undergoing a radical transformation with the emergence of the internet of things (IoT), smart devices, and an increasing impetus on digitalization. Companies are facing challenges related to global market transformation, technology disruption, and emergence of new business trends. In order to optimize operations, maximize sales, and minimize costs, retailers must leverage advanced technologies such as Internet of Things.

According to Quadrant’s latest research “Internet of Things in Retail Market Outlook”, IoT, smart devices and digital transformation services have been identified as transforming retail operations with improved customer experience and creation of new revenue streams. Several global leading retailers have adopted advanced IoT solutions to gain a competitive advantage driven by improved customer engagement, personalization, sales, and operational excellence.

According to Sandeep Agarwal, Senior Vice-President and Head, Engineering R&D Services at Happiest Minds “Embracing the next generation of smart technologies and having a well thought out IoT strategy will help retailers in creating a sustainable competitive advantage.” He further adds that focusing on driving up the efficiency of retail operations, refining business processes and improving the consumer experience positively impacts the revenue growth and profitability of the company.

For more information on this research effort, please visit: http://quadrant-solutions.com/market-research/internet-of-things-retail-iot/

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions research identified Happiest Minds as an emerging star with the next generation of digital transformation services offerings to retailers. With a unique combination of a well-defined services and solutions portfolio, Happiest Minds is well positioned to help retailers in transforming in-store retailing, enhancing customer experience, and improving supply chain visibility. In today’s competitive market scenario, Happiest Minds’ advanced retail IT solutions provide retailers with competitive advantages by optimizing operations and sales performance.

Happiest Minds services are based on an integrated set of disruptive technologies including big data, advanced analytics, internet of things, mobility, cloud computing, security, and unified communications. The company’s retail IT solutions comprises of interactive digital displays, digital signage, digital advisory and sales platform, in-store analytics, omni-channel personalization, customer insights, marketing analytics, and security solutions. Also, Happiest Minds has a comprehensive set of retail IoT solutions including in-store analytics to drive richer customer engagements, more intelligent vending systems, real-time store monitoring for operational excellence and enhanced supply chain visibility.

For more information on Happiest Minds’ Retail IT Solutions, please visit: http://www.happiestminds.com/industries/retail/

As a result of Happiest Minds having next generation digital transformation solutions along with an integrated set of disruptive technologies, Quadrant Solutions believe that Happiest Minds will emerge as a dominant provider of IoT solutions in the retail market.

About Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds (http://www.happiestminds.com/) is focused on helping customers build smart, secure and connected experiences by leveraging disruptive technologies such as mobility, analytics, security, cloud computing, social computing and unified communications. Enterprises are embracing these technologies to implement omni-channel strategies, manage structured & unstructured data and make real time decisions based on actionable insights, while ensuring security for data and infrastructure. Happiest Minds also offers high degree of skills, IPs and domain expertise across a set of focused areas that include IT services, product engineering services, infrastructure management, security, testing and consulting. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Happiest Minds has operations in the USA, UK, Singapore and Australia. It secured a $45 million series-A funding led by Canaan Partners, Intel Capital and Ashok Soota.

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