Operator Training Simulation (OTS) is virtual-based training mechanism, which uses a computer program to model the time-varying behaviour of a system. OTS systems were first deployed to train pilots on aeroplane simulators. Driven by the progress of OTS, training centers are using it to train, qualify, and educate personnel about machinery, operations of the plant, machine handling and managing abnormality during process manufacturing. OTS is now extensively used by process manufactures including chemicals, oil & gas, electric power, and such others. In process plants, OTS is used to train staff not only in handling controls and processes but also handling abrupt disruptions in the plant.

The market for operator training simulator is expanding rapidly driven by lack of talent pool, retiring of experienced workforce, increasing safety incidents, and emergence of millennial workforce requiring advance training methods for effective training.

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions latest research on “Operator Training Simulator (OTS) Market Outlook“, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% during 2016-2020. According to research findings, 3D visualisation and immersive virtual-reality based OTS systems is expected to find significant adoption during the forecasted years. While high cost for virtual-reality based systems is still a major inhibiting factor, the increased benefits in terms of faster learning and retention is expected to drive the market.

Quadrant’s OTS market outlook study provides in-depth analysis of market size, market share, competitive positioning, market forecast, strategic technology and market trends, and strategic market insights. This research services covers analysis of OTS market for generic, high-fidelity, 2D, 3D, and immersive virtual-reality based training solutions. Operator Training Simulator Market Outlook is a part of Quadrant’s Automation & Control research service.

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