Quadrant Knowledge Solutions latest market research “Market Outlook: Privileged Access Management, 2016-2021, Worldwide” explores current market structure, market dynamics and short-term and long-term opportunities of the global privileged access management (PAM) market. Quadrant PAM research is based on extensive primary research, secondary research, and proprietary research methodologies. The study includes the analysis of PAM components including shared password management, application password management, privileged session management, and superuser privilege management.

PAM market research includes five-year market forecast analysis by revenue type, product type, geographical regions, industry verticals, and customer type. The study also provides strategic analysis of technology trends, market trends, and impact of drives and restraints.

PAM market growth is primarily driven by growing security concerns from insider threats, frequent security breaches exploiting privileged accounts, meeting compliance, and improving administrator’s operational efficiency.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) technologies enable organizations to secure, manage, automate, and monitor privileged accounts and their access to the corporate network to protect critical assets, prevent security breaches and insider attacks, and meet compliance requirements. Privileged accounts, like the ones for administrators, CXOs etc., require a special level of monitoring and active control – since there is a lot of classified data at stake.

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