Procurement and its processes have grown at a rapid rate during the last few decades as vital business accelerators. The present procurement process is far more complex and dynamic than the traditional one, in which buyers used to immediately communicate with suppliers about competitive bids and obtain short-term contracts that were fairly priced. Cutting-edge procurement methods are no longer a luxury for enterprises all around the world.


The aim is to achieve significant cost savings, exponential product development speed, and quality assurance. Organizations that want to be competitive at all times must invest in guaranteeing the due diligence of suppliers spread across a large geographical domain before making any long-term contract decisions. 

Procurement management services

Being updated with the market trends and its dynamics certainly gives the business a competitive edge in such a scenario. That is why Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is your best strategic partner. Our Procurement subscription service deliverable use a unique combination of services, including strategic technology research, market insights, Datasheets, custom research & consulting, and analyst briefing sessions. Connect with us to get the latest insights and advisory that will act as an effective guide in your strategic planning.

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SPARK Matrix

Strategic Performance Assessment and Ranking

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix provides a snapshot of the market positioning of the key market participants. SPARK Matrix representation provides a visual representation of market participants and provides strategic insights on how each supplier ranks related to their competitors, with respect to various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact.
SPARK Matrix