Data center consumes thrice the amount of electricity of overall enterprise. With increasing amount of everyday data, need for data center is growing rapidly. Nissan-an automotive giant has teamed up with Eaton – a power management company to provide leaf car batteries as a source of power to Data centers. However, running the data center with the use of renewable energy is not reliable, being their sensitivity towards the outages.

Data centers will have storage capacity of recycled EV batteries, powered by Eaton’s power management solutions. Once leaf batteries are not useful to power automobiles, these batteries will be used to store the power supply, enabling data center integration with renewable sources. This will significantly help companies to manage their energy cost effectively, and reduce carbon footprints.

This technological advancement has opened its ways for wider adoption among enterprises. This battery is currently installed at the new Webaxys data center in Saint Romain and de Colbosc Eco Park in Normandy.

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