The Network Access Control market is currently undergoing significant change due to increasing trend of bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) and introduction of emerging trend of wear-your-own-devices (WYOD). Several large organizations continue to invest on securing their corporate network by formulating and implementing robust security policies. Hence increasing number of companies are adoption network access control solutions to manage identities and security of variety of devices within organizations corporate network.

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions study “Network Access Control Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trends, and Analysis Through 2020” the NAC market is expected to grow significantly in the next four to five years with a CAGR of 31.5% by 2020.

The Network Access Control market is expected to reach $2.73 billion by 2020. While the majority of revenues continue to come from North America region, the European market is expected to post highest growth from 2016-2020. On customer type, large and enterprise businesses continue to dominate the NAC market, however small and medium business continue to post robust growth.

BYOD and WYOD Trends are Transforming Network Access Control Market

Increasing trend of mobility and BYOD trend has made the mobile security amongst the top security concern globally. Management and access control of wide variety of mobile devices with multiple versions of software has become the prime importance for securing the corporate network along with security policy formulation and implementation across organization networks.

Bring your own device (BYOD), changes the picture from top to bottom. Some years back, the issue of authentication and authorization was a big deal. Whether your employee’s system is up- to date on anti-virus (AV) and security patches, you really had to worry about the customer’s laptop authentication and network access. Emergence of BYOD trend changes it all. The organizations now are facing increased challenges with increasing adoption of wearable technologies and are looking for extended security policies to include wear your own device (WYOD) trend.

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Evolution of NAC to Endpoint Visualization, Access, and Security (EVAS)

NAC technologies are transforming to become Endpoint Visibility, Access, and Security (EVAS) driven by increased acceptance of mobility, bring your own device (BYOD), and wear your own devices (WYOD) in the organization culture.

Unlike traditional NAC technology approach, EVAS uses more coarse data to implement access policies, such as user’s data, location, business considerations, and risk management. It also allows the access through mobile and IoT devices as per organizations security policies. Being NAC a booming technology, EVAS is driving into the mainstream with the combination of cloud computing, mobile computing, virtualization, policy implementation, and security requirements.

With new technology improvements and necessities, evolution of EVAS happened in a right place at right time. EVAS can help organizations detect, prevent, and respond to security incidents as well as in effective security policy implementation in the age of BYOD and WYOD.

Network Access Control (NAC) Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trends, and Analysis Through 2020 is a part of Security Technologies research of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

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