The first generation of Network Access Control (NAC) systems was introduced to prevent access to infected computers into corporate network to avoid spreading of malware. The traditional NAC systems could not enjoy widespread adoption due to its complex implementation and difficulty in justifying investments with limited features. However NAC has now evolved into processing wide variety of data points and providing intelligence to implement an effective security policy across the organization.

NAC technologies are transforming to become Endpoint Visibility, Access, and Security (EVAS) driven by increased acceptance of mobility, bring your own device (BYOD), and wear your own devices (WYOD) in the organization culture.

Unlike traditional NAC approach, advance NAC systems (EVAS) help in overcoming a wide variety of security related issues including enforcing security policies related to antivirus, patch levels, processes, and applications; providing guest network access; securely managing removable storage; preventing security breaches and malware activities; endpoint compliance reports and such others.

Advance NAC or EVAS system uses more coarse data to implement access policies, such as user’s data, location, business considerations, and risk management. It also allows the access through mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices as per organizations security policies. The widespread adoption of smart devices, bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), wear-your-own-devices (WYOD), and IoT technologies are leading to complexities in terms of enforcing security policies considering multiple devices with multiple versions of software. Hence EVAS systems are expected to find widespread adoption with driving forces including cloud computing, mobile computing, virtualization, policy implementation, and security requirements.

Unlike first generation of NAC solutions, advance NAC solutions with EVAS is expected to find increased acceptance amongst organizations. Evolution of NAC to EVAS solution happened in a right place at right time. EVAS can help organizations detect, prevent, and respond to security incidents as well as in effective security policy implementation in the age of BYOD and WYOD. EVAS systems provides capability to organization to secure and manage the complex co-relations between users, corporate networks, devices and cloud services.

Factors Leading to Transformation from NAC to EVAS

  • Increasing complexities due to multiple devices with multiple software, users and locations
  • Wide variety of endpoint devices connected to the networks
  • Increasing threats affecting network and information security
  • Widespread adoption of BYOD and now WYOD trends
  • Increased uses of cloud based applications across organizations
  • Explosions of smart devices with the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices

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