Marketing Automation software is currently experiencing robust growth with its widespread adoption amongst small, medium and large organizations. While established suppliers continue to post robust growth, several new suppliers are entering the market with improved functionalities.

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions study “Marketing Automation Software (MAS) Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trends, and Analysis Through 2020” the MAS market is expected to grow significantly in the next four to five years with a CAGR of 46.8% by 2020.

The Marketing Automation market is expected to reach $11.39 billion by 2020. While the majority of revenues continue to come from North America region, the other regions including Asia, Europe, and Latin America is expected to post significant growth from 2016-2020.

Increased Focus on Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA)

The phenomenon of Mobile Apps has caught the imagination of Marketing Automation vendors as well. In the recent years a substantial movement has been observed with SMB’s eyeing mobile solutions and services as the critical element for the business growth. Companies like branded coffee chains, major retailers, and entertainment channels are actively using MMA to dive deeper into customer engagement. The MMA brings features such as push notifications, SMS campaigns, personalized app content, real-time analysis and more. The MMA vendors have extended solutions to offer to the market.

Omni-Channel Presence & Native Integration is the Latest Trend

The marketing automation software has been moved from providing just web and email functionalities to enhanced functionalities as per global mega trends. Advancement in marketing automation software has resulted in tighter integration with various automation platforms including mobile devices, social media, display advertising and such others.

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, the Omni-channel integration is expected to be the major trend amongst MAS suppliers in 2016 and beyond. This trend is fuelling more & more vendors to bring in the best of cross-platform integration possibilities.

CRM Integration Improves the Value of Marketing Automation Software Investment

The CRM integration of MAS is necessary to take the MAS investment to the next level. The MAS automates and centralizes the marketing database (emails, landing page’s inputs, etc.). MAS integration with CRM system allows seamless lead information transfer between marketing and sales. It ensures the marketer sends the right message at the right time. The tighter the CRM integration the better is alignment between marketing and sales improving the effectiveness of campaigns with stronger returns on revenue and investment on MAS. The Application Program Interface (API) is available within the majority of MAS & CRM facilitating integration with external access to their databases. The saving of time by sending only sales-ready leads list is making the trend of CRM integrated MAS platform company’s a popular choice.

Marketing Automation Suppliers to Add Predictive Analytics Functionality

The MAS’s lead management capability being the driver of its popularity, the bigger players in the automation market space have taken the challenge of providing predictive analysis capability to MAS customers. The predictive analytics create a layered effect on marketing automation, enabling organizations to filter the enormous input of prospects to the ones who will reach the sales stage. The predictive analytic tools of MAS are laser sharp & focus on driving anonymous to the conversion of leads. The predictive tools help

  • To interpret digital footprint of buyers leave as they do research on the web.
  • Optimize Buyer Personas by knowing more details about the leads. A
  • The predictive analytic pattern of buyer behaviour can be uncovered.
  • The buyer persona can be mapped against traits & predictive behaviour.
  • A granular profiling offers sophisticated segmentation
  • Better focus of marketing spends and
  • Ability to shape future products

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