Financial markets have been experiencing a major evolution since the last decade. Banks and financial organizations have experienced failures and enormous losses by rogue traders, owing which regulations and trade surveillance is on a surge. Trading regulations, such as Reg BI, MAR, MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, Code of Conduct, along with guidelines from regulatory agencies, including CFTC, SEC, FINRA and ESMA, as well as other national regulations in various regions are increasing to detect trading activities that sabotage public confidence in the markets. The rising thrust on financial markets to comply with these regulations is the primary driving force for robust and accurate trade monitoring systems.

Trade surveillance and monitoring solutions offer capabilities for pre-trade, post-trade, & market surveillance, along with identifying market abuse practices and trade violations. Trade surveillance activities include a complete analysis of the order book, investigation of complete audit trails of orders and trades, and analysis of cross-market cross-asset trades. It helps in mitigating illegal trade practices, safeguarding organizations from losses from frauds and penalties, enhancing consumer trust and ensuring regulatory compliance. Trade Surveillance and Monitoring vendors are increasingly embracing sophisticated technology innovations powered by advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics process automation (RPA), natural language processing (NLP), and advanced behavioral analytics to minimize false positives, automate tasks & workflows, enhance regulatory compliance, and risk management, and improve overall operational efficiency of trade.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ Trade Surveillance and Monitoring Solution market research includes a detailed analysis of the global market regarding short-term and long-term growth opportunities, emerging technology trends, market trends, and future market outlook. This research provides strategic information for technology vendors to better understand the existing market, support their growth strategies, and for users to evaluate different vendors’ capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

The research includes detailed competition analysis and vendor evaluation with the proprietary SPARK Matrix analysis. SPARK Matrix includes ranking and positioning of leading Trade Surveillance and Monitoring solution vendors with a global impact. The SPARK Matrix includes an analysis of vendors, including NICE Actimize, BAE Systems, Altair, LSEG, LIST, Eventus Systems, Nasdaq, Intellect Design Arena, Bloomberg L.P, and MCO.

2021 Trade Surveillance and Monitoring Solution SPARK Matrix
Source: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Trade Surveillance and Monitoring Solution_SPARK Matrix_2021


Table of Contents

Executive Overview

  • Key Research Findings

Market Overview and Technology Trends

Factors Influencing Technology Development and Market Growth

Market Adoption Trends

Competition Landscape and Analysis 

  • Competitive Overview and Analysis
  • Key Competitive Factors and Technology Differentiators

SPARK Matrix™: Trade Surveillance and Monitoring Solution Market

Vendor Profiles

Research Methodologies

Custom Research Service

Our custom research service is designed to meet the client’s specific requirements by providing customized in-depth analysis of the technology market to meet your strategic needs. Further, our custom research and consulting services deliverable is uniquely effective, powerful, innovative, and realistic for helping companies successfully address business challenges. Our team of experienced consultants can help you in achieving short-term and long-term business goals in the following ways:

  • Detailed understanding of the industry structure, market participants, and value chain mapping
  • Business potential and opportunities of target markets, economies, and industries
  • Strategic planning and tactical opportunities
  • Go to market strategies