Insider Risk Management is a robust threat prevention solution designed to detect, analyze, protect, remediate, and respond to insider threats in real-time. Insider Risk Management provides control and visibility over internal data access, data leakages by end users, including employees, remote vendors, and contractors, to protect from insider threats like theft, fraud, and damages. Insider Risk Management enables users to create policies for identifying risk indicators. These policies help to detect and stop risky behaviours, identify and control violations of corporate policies, monitor and manage data access governance issues, and enhance insider threat security. Additionally, Insider Risk Management allows organization to detect intellectual property (IP) theft, flight risks, code of conduct policy breaches, sensitive data leaks, confidentiality breaches, fraud, insider trading, disgruntled user behavior, and regulatory compliance issues.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ Insider Risk Management solution market research includes a detailed analysis of the global market regarding short-term and long-term growth opportunities, emerging technology trends, market trends, and future market outlook. This research provides strategic information for technology vendors to better understand the existing market, supporting their growth strategies; and for users to evaluate different vendors’ capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

The research includes detailed competition analysis and vendor evaluation with the proprietary SPARK Matrix analysis. SPARK Matrix includes ranking and positioning of leading Insider Risk Management solution vendors, with a global impact. The SPARK Matrix includes an analysis of vendors, including Ava Security, Bottomline, Code42, CounterCraft, Dasera, DTEX Systems, Ekran System, Exabeam, Forcepoint, Fortinet, Gurucul, Haystax, IBM, LogPoint, LogRhythm, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Proofpoint, Rapid7, RSA, Securonix, Splunk, and Veriato.

According to Sachin Birajdar, Research Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Organizations are continuously dealing with the plethora of insider threat issues regardless of size or industry. Due to the adoption of cloud infrastructures, remote working, adoption of BYOD, and COVID-19 situation, organizations are not able to secure their infrastructure with traditional technologies and are trying to stop insider risk by identifying insider threats in real-time. By adopting Insider Risk Management solution, organizations can easily identify, detect, and mitigate insider risk in real-time. With Insider Risk Management solutions, organizations can also identify and expose various types of malicious behavior that can harm the organization.”

2021 Insider Risk Management Solution SPARK Matrix
Source: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Insider Risk Management_SPARK Matrix_2021


Table of Contents

Executive Overview

  • Key Research Findings

Market Overview and Technology Trends

Factors Influencing Technology Development and Market Growth

Market Adoption Trends

Competition Landscape and Analysis 

  • Competitive Overview and Analysis
  • Key Competitive Factors and Technology Differentiators

SPARK Matrix™: Insider Risk Management Solution Market

Vendor Profiles

Research Methodologies

Custom Research Service

Our custom research service is designed to meet the client’s specific requirements by providing customized in-depth analysis of the technology market to meet your strategic needs. Further, our custom research and consulting services deliverable is uniquely effective, powerful, innovative, and realistic for helping companies successfully address business challenges. Our team of experienced consultants can help you in achieving short-term and long-term business goals in the following ways:

  • Detailed understanding of the industry structure, market participants, and value chain mapping
  • Business potential and opportunities of target markets, economies, and industries
  • Strategic planning and tactical opportunities
  • Go to market strategies