Research Methodologies: Global Market Outlook

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions uses comprehensive approach to conduct global market research for various technologies. Quadrant’s research approach provides our analysts with a most effective framework to identify market trends, technology trends, and helps in formulating meaningful growth strategies for our clients. All the sections of our research report is prepared with considerable about of time and thought process before moving on to the next step. Following are the brief description of the major sections of our research methodologies.


Secondary Research 

Followings are the major sources of information for conducting secondary research:

Quadrant’s Internal Database

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions maintains a proprietary database on the several technology marketplaces. This database provides our analyst with an effective foundation to kick-start the research project. This database includes information from following sources:

  • Annual reports
  • 10K and other financial reports
  • Industry participant lists
  • Published secondary data on companies and their products
  • Price lists
  • Database of market sizes and forecast data for different market segments
  • Major market and technology trends
Literature Research

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions leverages several magazine subscription and other publications that covers wide range of subjects related to technology research. We also use extensive library of directories and books on various technology domains.

Input from Industry Participants

Quadrant analysts collect relevant documents such as whitepaper, brochures, case studies, price lists, datasheet, and other documents from all industry participants.

Primary Research

Quadrant analysts’ uses two-step process for conducting primary research, that help us in capturing meaningful and most accurate market information. Following are the two-step process of our primary research:

Market Estimation: Based on top-down and bottoms-up approach, our analyst analyses all industry participants in order to estimate their business in the technology market for various market segments. We also seeks information and verification of client business performance as part of our primary research interviews or through detailed market questionnaire. Quadrant research team conducts detailed analysis of the comments and input provided by industry participants.

Client Interview: Quadrant analyst team conducts detailed telephonic interview of all major industry participants to get their perspectives of the current and future market dynamics. Based on the requirements, Quadrant analysts conduct interview with more than one person from each of the market participants to verify the accuracy of the information provided. We typically engage with client personnel in one of the following functions:

  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Product Management
  • Product Planning
  • Planning & Strategy
Feedback from Channel Partners and End Users

Quadrant research team conducts research with various sales channel partners including distributors, system integrators, and consultants to understand the detailed perspective of the market. Our analysts also get the feedback from end users from multiple industries and geographical regions to understand key issues, technology trends, and supplier capabilities in the technology market.

Data Analysis: Market Forecast & Competition Analysis

Quadrant’s analysts’ team gathers all the necessary information from secondary research and primary research to a computer database. These databases are then analyzed, verified, and cross-tabulated in numerous ways to get the right picture of the overall market and its segments. After analyzing all the market data, industry trends, market trends, technology trends, and key issues, we prepare preliminary market forecasts. This preliminary market forecast is tested against several market scenario, economic scenario, industry trends, and economic dynamics. Finally, the analyst team arrive at the most accurate forecast scenario for overall market and its segments.

In addition to market forecasts, our team conducts detailed review of industry participants to prepare competitive landscape and market positioning analysis for overall market as well as for various market segments.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions competitive landscape quadrant provides a snapshot of the relative market positioning of key market participants against the several criteria under evaluation for the identification of leader as Technology Leader. Competitive Landscape Quadrant analyses market participants in terms of Technology Excellence and Customer Impact.

Competitive Landscape Quadrant 

Each market participants are analyzed against several parameters of Technology Excellence and Customer Impact. In each of the parameters (see charts), index is assigned to each supplier from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). These ratings are designated to each market participants based on best practice research findings. Based on the individual participant ratings, X and Y coordinate values are calculated. These coordinates are finally used to make Competitive Landscape Quadrant.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Competitive Landscape Analysis works as an effective planning guide for strategic decision making such as M&A prospects, partnership, geographical expansion, portfolio expansion and others.


Final Report Preparation

After finalization of market share and market forecast information, our analyst prepares necessary graphs, charts, and table to get further insights and preparation of final research report. Our final research report includes information including market forecast; market share & competitive analysis; major market & technology trends; analysis of factors driving & inhibiting market growth; and such others.