Pulse Secure, the leading provider of secure access solutions to both enterprises and service providers, has been recognized a technology leader among the top four best-selling solutions in Network Access Control according to research by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. The NAC market, estimated at nearly $1 billion and growing by 28.4%, is driven by workforce mobility and BYOD, global regulations, automated threat response, and IoT security risks.

According to 2018 NAC Market Outlook report by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, Network Access Control (NAC) manages and controls access of devices and users to corporate networks based on policies, including endpoint configuration, authentication, and user’s identity. NAC technologies have evolved significantly from device access authorization, bring your own device (BYOD), and guest management functions to more granular endpoint visibility, access and security capabilities that support robust policies driven by mobility, cloud, and virtualization trends. NAC technology continues to be enhanced with intelligence to communicate and take action within the network and security ecosystem.

For additional insight, download the abridged version of the “2018 NAC Market Outlook” report by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. Enterprises and resellers are invited to register online for the Pulse Secure NAC webinar entitled “Demystifying Next-Gen NAC: The Fast Track to Optimizing Network Access Control 3.0,” featuring adoption trends, key operations and real-world use case insights from an analyst, user, and architect perspective.

“With workforce mobility, data privacy, malware and IOT security risks, organizations are taking advantage of the operational visibility and threat mitigation capabilities of third-generation NAC solutions. In particular the value of combining VPN and NAC platforms, such as the secure access platform provided by Pulse Secure, enhances the fidelity of oversight that organization can apply to users and devices, while they are remote, pre-connect and post-connection to network and cloud,” said Piyush Dewangan, security industry research manager at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “

Among capabilities highlighted in the report, Pulse Policy Secure (NAC) was distinguished as offering:

  • Extensive technical acumen inclusive of deployment, manageability and scalability, base and advanced visibility and enforcement features, and automated response capabilities – earning Pulse Secure a technical leader ranking and distinction among the top four best-selling NAC solutions (Cisco, ForeScout, HP/Aruba and Pulse Secure).
  • Flexible, and cost-effective implementation with built-in, high performance RADIUS and rich device profiling, layer-2 and layer-3 802.1x enforcement leveraging popular switch, wireless, firewall, SIEM and mobile infrastructure interoperability, and a granular policy engine with pre-defined and custom controls.
  • Solid guest and BYOD management, as well as device profiling applying agent or agentless technologies to enable rich pre-connect and continuous post-connect visibility including classification and response to IOT devices.
  • Unique VPN/NAC industry advantages for existing Pulse Secure VPN customers in terms of: rapid NAC deployment, consistent VPN to NAC endpoint policy migration, use of unified client, and 360- degree visibility (remote user/device activity, pre-connect and post-connect, and unified VPN/NAC appliance administration.
  • Enterprise-class scale with one appliance (physical or virtual) supporting 50,000 concurrent users (industry leading) and Pulse One manager for unified system administration for millions of endpoints – suitable for global enterprises, government and large MSSPs.

“Pulse Secure is seeing increased adoption of our NAC platform with customers that are extending their VPN visibility and capabilities, moving on from early generation NAC investments, and even new NAC implementations ,” said Scott Gordon, vice president of marketing at Pulse Secure. “We have significantly invested in our NAC platform in terms of visibility, deployment ease, scale, interoperability and automation capabilities and we are extremely gratified to receive NAC market distinction as technology leader.”

The NAC Market Outlook report earmarks the global NAC market to grow significantly. With multiple successful deployments by large enterprise, NAC is increasingly being seen as the key technology to improve organization’s overall security defenses. The technology is moving from early adoption to rapid growth stage of the overall product lifecycle. Organizations across multiple industries, including banking and financial services, healthcare, government, telecom, manufacturing, education, and others, are looking at full-scale NAC deployments and are extending the overall number of devices under management. Several large organizations are also considering migration from their early version of NAC with the latest NAC technologies offering advanced visibility and response.

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