Driven by the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, industry, and infrastructure, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions have revised the market forecast estimates for all the technology market. The global economy, along with industries, is facing significant challenges and are expected to post negative growth. While the Covid-19 has impacted the market for low-code development platforms, overall growth outlook looks promising. Despite the economic recession and negative impact on technology investments, the Low-Code App Development platforms market in 2020 is expected to post double-digit growth in the year 2020.

Digital transformation across a range of industry verticals remains the primary market driver for the adoption of Low-Code platforms. The LCAD platform’s key value proposition of providing a foundation for digital transformation initiatives, accelerating digital transformation projects, improving operational efficiency, addressing the challenges related to skill gap for qualified developers, eliminating operational bottleneck and substantial customization requirements for legacy systems, and such others are driving the market growth across the geographic market and industry segments.

Driven by the growing competition with the emergence of emerging vendors with innovative technology offerings, leading LCAD platforms vendors are making significant investments in improving AI and machine learning capabilities for providing smart assistance to citizen developers in developing applications faster. Additionally, driven by the promising growth opportunities and growing competition, LCAD vendors are looking at delivering use-case specific or industry-specific capabilities for improved customer ownership experience.

The global Low-Code Application Development platform research includes a detailed analysis of the global market regarding short-term and long-term growth opportunities, emerging technology trends, market trends, and future market outlook. The study provides a comprehensive market forecast analysis of the global market in various geographical regions, revenue type, and industry segmentation.

Table of Contents

Executive Overview

  • Low-Code Application Development Platforms Market Overview
  • Key Research Findings

Market Background, Key Technology Trends, and Market Drivers

Market Forecast by Total Market

Market Forecast by Deployment Type

Market Forecast by Geographical Regions

Market Forecast by Industry Verticals

Competition Overview and Analysis

Research Methodologies

Custom Research Service

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