Customer Data Platforms Market Overview

Organizations have invested in multiple marketing and data warehouse systems over the years, and most of these are often in silos. These systems may provide a capability for centralized data integration and customer-level data for various marketing use-cases. However, the customer data unification at an individual-level remains a challenge. Marketers continue to spend significant time and resources in data integration, preparation, and unification project. Additionally, ever-growing complexities, volume, and speed of customer data across consumer interaction channels are further adding to the challenges. Customer Data Platform (CDP) guarantees to handle such difficulties.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) promises to solve these challenges by providing an advanced data fabric platform for centralized data integration, profile unification from disparate data sources, audience segmentation, and activation in appropriate channels. In addition to that, CDP platform works as a foundation that ties the data from multiple systems in real-time for effective segmentation and targeting for various marketing campaigns.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines a CDP as “A Customer Data Platform (CDP) centralizes data collection from multiple sources, performs data cleansing, and unifies customer profile to create a unified, persistent customer profile database. The database is accessible to other systems for marketing, customer service, and customer experience management.”

Customer Data Platforms Research vendor Evaluation and SPARK Matrix Analysis by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Customer Data Platforms Market (CDP) Market Outlook research provides strategic information to the market participants and users who are responsible for strategic planning, marketing, sales, and purchasing CDP solutions. This research provides strategic information for technology vendors to better understand the market supporting their growth strategies and for users to evaluate different vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and their market position.

SPARKTM Matrix: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix provides a snapshot of the market positioning of the key market participants. SPARK Matrix representation provides a visual representation of market participants and provides strategic insights on how each supplier ranks related to their competitors, with respect to various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact. CDP Market Outlook study includes analysis of key CDP vendors including ActionIQ, AgilOne, Amperity, BlueConic, BlueVenn, Celebrus (D4t4 Solutions), Evergage, Lattice Engines, Lytics, mParticle, NGData, Quaero, Red Point, RedEye, SessionM, Tapad, Tealium, and Zylotech.

Table of Contents

Executive Overview

  • Customer Data Platforms Market Overview
  • Key Research Findings

Market Background, Key Market Trends, and Market Drivers

Market Adoption and Deployment Trends

Regional Trends and Forecasts

  • Americas
  • EMEA
  • Asia Pacific

Industry Trends and Forecasts

  • Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance (BFSI)
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Media & Publishing
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Telecom
  • Others

Competition Analysis & SPARK Matrix 

  • Competition Analysis
  • Competitive Factors and Technology Differentiators
  • Leading Vendor Profiles and Analysis
  • SPARK Matrix: Customer Data Platforms (CDP) Market

Research Methodologies

Keywords: Customer Data Platforms, CDP Market, Customer Analytics, Customer Intelligence, Identity Unification, Identity Resolution, Customer Segmentation, Unified Customer Profile, Customer Data Management, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Experience, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, SPARK Matrix, Market Research, Market Size, Competitive Analysis, Market Forecast, Market Size, Technology Trends

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