VSM revolves around agile and DevOps, where agile helps to speed up the value delivery process and with the help of DevOps bottlenecks in the processes are removed. VSM solutions provide key insights using real-time metrics and increase collaboration between cross-functional teams. Also, VSM solutions provide predictive analytics for risk assessment, help in critical business decisions, and are also equipped with deep analytics and AI and ML capabilities. Deep analytics in VSM solutions enables organizations to test their hypothesis, to forecast bottlenecks and for the future needs of resources. By integrating AI and ML capabilities in VSM, value stream processes can operate intelligently without any human error and decision making is augmented, thus causing organizations to become more agile and adaptive.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has been tracking the VSM market for the past few years and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning leveraging augment decision making and deep analytics, apart from offering of the out-of-the-box metrics promoting various simulations including ‘what-if analysis’ – are few of the most important trends which will positively impact the software development market.

This market insight examines how VSM solutions are helping in providing real-time visualization and end-to-end deep analytics. Further, this Market Insight is going to highlight:

  • How Agile, and DevOps are related to the VSM?
  • Impact of AI and ML in VSM market?
  • How end-to-end analytics is important for effective VSM strategy?
  • Vendor landscape and market development with advancements in VSM technologies driven by AI and ML?

VSM solutions utilizing agile, and DevOps offers real-time visualization, metrics and key insights in the Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) process to accelerate – development, continuous delivery of customer value, in addition to speeding up the delivery process”, according to Pranjal Singh, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “. VSM is an emerging market where organizations can create a system that offers end-to-end analytics by using real-time data and provides out-of-the-box metrics that are easy to customize, and which highlight the KPIs. Additionally, augmenting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in VSM solutions also helps organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.”, he adds.

Custom Research Service

Our custom research service is designed to meet the client’s specific requirements by providing customized in-depth analysis of the technology market to meet your strategic needs. Further, our custom research and consulting services deliverable is uniquely effective, powerful, innovative, and realistic for helping companies successfully address business challenges. Our team of experienced consultants can help you in achieving short-term and long-term business goals in the following ways:

  • Detailed understanding of the industry structure, market participants, and value chain mapping
  • Business potential and opportunities of target markets, economies, and industries
  • Strategic planning and tactical opportunities
  • Go to market strategies