Many organizations are focusing on integrating their WMS platforms with automation systems for better output and increased warehouse efficiency. Driven by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WMS platform market will continue to evolve and offer solutions that will help organizations and brands cater to the futuristic needs of the customers and save costs. Overall, digitized supply chain solutions and modern warehouse automation technologies would continue to be some of the key technological drivers of the WMS market.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has been evaluating the WMS domain for the past few years and has observed that seamless integration with WMS is amongst the most important trends. Leading WMS vendors are focusing on developing a technology ecosystem that will allow all their solutions to operate under a single user interface and share a database to support an omnichannel environment.

This Market Insight analyzes how WMS solution providers are focusing on developing an integrated suite of solutions to improve throughput and optimize customer satisfaction while reducing lead time and operating costs. Further, this Market Insight will highlight:

  • Why and how are WMS vendors focusing on offering integrated Warehouse Management Execution and Automation Solutions?
  • How are WMS vendors focusing on offering best-of-breed WMS capabilities to drive warehouse efficiency?
  • Why WMS vendors are partnering with AMR and warehouse automation systems.

According to Shruti Jadhav, Associate Research Director at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “WMS vendors are increasingly focusing on offering seamlessly integrated ERP, inventory management, transportation management, and order management solutions along with their core WMS offering to meet the changing needs of the customer in an omnichannel environment. The modern WMS platforms are enabling organizations to gain unified real-time visibility of their inventory operations, optimize their end-to-end warehouse operations, and improve their omnichannel sales strategies, too.” Shruti further adds, “Driven by the advanced technological enhancements, newer trends such as robotics, warehouse drones, autonomous vehicles, and wireless fleet management are now gripping the warehouse automation space. Owing to the impact of the global pandemic, the WMS platform market will continue to evolve and offer solutions that will help organizations and brands flexibly cater to the futuristic needs of the customers and maximize ROI.”

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