Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is playing an important role in the proper functioning of the organizations, including taking care of enterprise security during digital transformation initiatives like migration to the cloud, flexible work environments, and remote working. However, various factors like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent spurt in remote work and the consequent introduction of unsecured endpoints into organizational networks have led to a rise in organizations’ expectations from UEM vendors. Therefore, vendors are increasingly using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process automation to meet the expectations and differentiate and bring additional value in such a competitive environment. 

By leveraging AI/ ML and process automation, vendors are modifying their core capabilities like remote access and control, application and content management, and endpoint security into advanced capabilities that include enhanced identity management, improved application management, optimized operational activities, self-help capabilities, seamless onboarding process, and enhanced user experience. AI/ML-powered UEM solutions also provide advanced endpoint security by tracking geo-location, login time, behavioral patterns, asset management, identifying and blocking malware attacks, and automated breach and vulnerability response. 

This Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Market Insight covers the major trends of advancement of UEM solutions and describes how vendors are focusing on enhancing their UEM solutions by augmenting AI, ML, and automation.  

Major highlights of this market insight include:   

  • How AI, ML, and automation are enabling advanced capabilities for UEM solutions?
  • How AI and ML are improving security with UEM?
  • Examples of vendors that are adopting AI, ML, and automation capabilities into their UEM solutions.

 “The integration of AI, ML, and automation enables vendors of UEM solutions to provide better and advanced solutions. AI/ML helps in automating processes and making tasks easier while completely monitoring the process. AI/ML also provides greater insights of all endpoints, analysis of data from those endpoints and application, tracking endpoints behavior based on usage, time, location, etc. to get clear visibility of endpoints, and mitigate threats based on algorithms created by data collected, and more.” says Ayush Patidar, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. 

“AI/ML is powering technologies across the security industry. UEM vendors are also adopting these emerging technologies and helping them provide better management across all endpoints while enhancing flexibility, security, productivity, performance, and user experience. Vendors are constantly developing AI/ML-based UEM solutions with their in-house development teams or with the help of third-party vendors to improve their product and market penetration.” says Divya Baranawal, Research Director at Quadrant Knowledge solutions. 


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