The Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of Digital Transformation. In this context, VSM solutions provide the necessary resources to organizations that want to succeed and thus are leveraging capabilities of cloud computing and providing real-time data of value delivery process to all the cross-functional teams involved in the software development process. The VSM solution is now capable of merging organizations’ data from DevOps toolchains to their policy engine that helps in creating a system of automated governance. Digital Transformation and increased demand for digital goods and services have made organizations move from a traditional project to a product (P2P) approach.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has been tracking the VSM market for the past few years and the cloud-based VSM solutions being used for systemic problems within customer value streams, and which can be easily equipped with an organization’s policy engine for automated governance are some of the trends worth considering. Apart from this, merging an organization’s data from DevOps to its policy engine, thus creating a system of automated governance and VSM being the new Manager-of-Manager – are a few of the other important trends which will impact the market in the days to come.

This market insight examines how organizations are utilizing cloud-based VSM solutions to succeed in digital transformation. Further, this Market Insight is going to highlight:

  • How organizations shift from project to product (P2P) approach?
  • What factors transform VSM across the value chain?
  • Why VSM becomes new Managers-of-Managers?
  • Why team’s commitment is important to implement and transform VSM across the value chain?

In the present scenario every organization is moving towards achieving their digital transformation goals in which VSM helps them in planning and evaluating activities, and recognizing obstacles, waste, and unnecessary steps occurring in the processes, thus boosting their productivity in the process.”, according to Manish Thakur, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “VSM solutions based on the cloud allow users to monitor delivery processes and tasks directly through a cloud-based interface and multiple users can work simultaneously without losing their work and creates strong governance for creating continuous deployments by automatically connecting organizations’ digital policy. VSM is becoming new Managers-of-Managers providing the big picture in the entire software delivery process to prevent loss of knowledge and waste for those who prepare, create, and deliver software.”, he adds.

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