Intershop Communications offers an integrated digital commerce platform that facilitates businesses build and manage a digital storefront for enhanced online relationships with their customer in various sales channels including retail, wholesale, mobile, social media commerce, call centers, and others. The platform enables efficient management of front-facing operations across sales channels including merchandising, promotion, pricing, content development, customer acquisition, personalization, customer experience, analytics, and more. It also helps in managing back-end operations, such as order management, inventory management, and others. The platform can be integrated with third-party applications including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), subscription management, and such others.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ recent study of the “Market Outlook: Digital Commerce Platforms, 2017-2022, Worldwide” analyzes market dynamics, opportunities and the competitive vendor landscape of the market. This study provides strategic analysis of the global digital commerce platforms market in terms of short-term and long-term growth opportunities. The study also provides detailed market forecast analysis of the global market in various geographical regions, revenue types, customer types, industry segments, and sales channel. The digital commerce platforms market outlook research helps companies formulate growth strategies by identifying growth prospects, market trends, market drivers, and challenges in the global market.

The research also provides detailed competitive positioning and supplier landscape analysis of major digital commerce platform vendors, such as Oracle Commerce, IBM Commerce, SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce, Digital River, Magneto Commerce, NetSuite, Intershop Communications, Aptos, Episerver, Elastic Path Software, Shopify, and others.

Intershop Communications is Recognized as the 2017 Company of the Year in the Global Digital Commerce Platforms Market

As part of the research on digital commerce platforms market, Quadrant’s competitive landscape analysis compares vendors’ technological capabilities in providing digital commerce platform solution. Quadrant research analyzed vendors against several parameters of SBG (strategy, business, & growth) Index and Industry Impact. Quadrant research identifies best-in-class Company that exhibits leadership in strategy, business, and growth performance excellence and has the potential to cause major disruption in the marketplace. According to the research findings, Intershop Communications is recognized as 2017 Company of the Year in the digital commerce platforms market.

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Jena, Germany, Intershop Communications is amongst the major provider of digital commerce platform and has offices in United States, Europe, Australia, and China. Intershop provides complete set of digital commerce functionalities from online retail management, merchandising, omni-channel management, personalized marketing, customer experience management, to order management and its fulfilment. Intershop has over 300 enterprise customers from industries such as retail, and wholesale, manufacturing, telecommunications, hi-tech, automotive, chemical, utilities, digital media, furniture, food & beverage and others. Intershop flexible and integrated digital commerce suite is well positioned to help businesses from multiple industry sectors and sizes ranging from midsized to large enterprises in overcoming their unique challenges in creating a successful and competitive commerce solution.

Intershop integrated commerce suite can be implemented as on-premise model, cloud deployment, and managed model by Intershop. Customers can also combine multiple deployment models, such as hosting core business on-premise and on-cloud for new markets, as per their business needs. The company also offers variety of services including professional services, training, support and full-service e-commerce.

Intershop Capability in the Global Digital Commerce Platform Market

Intershop Commerce Suite offers complete end-to-end solutions for managing front-end commerce operations to optimizing back-end operations. With Intershop’s single integrated platform, companies can showcase their brands, market their products globally, and implement digital strategies to drive business growth. Intershop Commerce Suite application includes omni-channel management, experience management, product information, customer management, transaction management, organization management, analytics & reporting, and operational excellence.

  • Omni-Channel Management: Intershop integrated commerce suits help businesses implement and manage omni-channel strategy for improved customer acquisition across channels and regions. With tight integration of order management and customer service, Intershop helps businesses create unique shopping experiences of their customers. The company offers B2C and B2B templates making it easier for businesses to roll out of additional channels quickly. Intershop’s Omni-Channel Management module includes responsive blue print store for web & mobile, omni-channel service toolsets, omni-channel order capture, brick & mortar store service, contact center, and internet of things.
  • Experience Management: With powerful tools to create compelling, engaging, and intuitive shopping experience Intershop commerce platform help businesses in acquiring more satisfying customers, improving brand experience, and build customer loyalty for repeat purchases. Intershop’s Experience Management modules includes web content management, media asset management, search & navigation, campaign management, promotion engine, online marketing, and content validation.
  • Product Information Management (PIM) System: PIM application help businesses gather, manage, and share product data from across customer touchpoints, sales organizations, subsidiaries, and partners. Intershop PIM provides set of software tools to build product catalogues, define product types & attributes, gather & edit content, and exchange product data with third-party systems and external data sources. With its continuous quality control and automated validation process, the platform helps in ensuring product information accuracy, consistency and its completeness. Intershop’s PIM application module includes product data management, catalog management, product pricing & taxation, product lifecycle management, product relations, product completeness check, and enterprise inventory visibility.
  • Customer Management: Intershop’s customer management tool help businesses to collect and manage data based on customer interaction. These datasets can be used in improving customer relationship with personalized marketing and promotional campaigns. Personalized communications to customers during every stage of purchasing process results in truly unique shopping experience and strengthen customer loyalty. It also includes self-service functions and tools for managing framework agreements, budgets, and cost centers to cater to the business partner communities. Customer Management modules includes customer data management, personalization, budget & cost center management, order templates, contracts, quotes, and after order services.
  • Transaction Management: Intershop Commerce Suite simplifies digital transaction management process and accelerates customer satisfaction with smooth and intuitive shopping processes. With transaction management tool, businesses can tailor payment and shipping processes as per their customers’ needs and expectations. With integrated order management system, businesses can manager order lifecycle across multiple systems and offer transparency throughout the transaction process. Intershop’s transaction management modules include cart & checkout, payment, shipping, order orchestration, order routing & fulfillment, invoice-to-cash management, and return management.
  • Organization Management: Intershop Commerce Suite provides high degree of flexibility to model and replicate complex organization structures of the businesses and manage them with optimum efficiency. It becomes easier for businesses to explore new international market and adapt to local market demands. The tool provides a differentiated system of user rights, roles, and approval processes to enable customized work environment for efficient management of commerce processes. The organization management modules include organization modelling, internationalization localization, approval management, and user & account management.
  • Analytics & Reporting: With the powerful analytics and reporting tools in the Intershop Commerce Suite, businesses can utilize full potential of data collected during commerce processes for analyzing customer behavior, testing marketing scenarios, and planning for future deployment of resources. With the intuitive dashboards and widgets, it provides insights into several performance-parameters to ensure system stability all the time. It ensures system availability with end-to-end monitoring of entire commerce processes, content, users, and business objects. Intershop’s analytics & reporting modules include technical monitoring & reports, dashboards & widgets, multivariate testing, web analytics, commerce advisor, auditing, and end-to-end monitoring.
  • Operational Excellence: Intershop Commerce Suite is a proven and reliable digital commerce platform designed for high performance, scalability, availability, and security to support company’s growth plans. The platform supports smooth integration with third party solutions. The platform uses modern software delivery processes for agile platform development. With Intershop Studio companies can easily customize their commerce platform resulting in higher productivity. Intershop’s Operational Excellence modules include platform core, high security architecture, performance & scaling infrastructure, high availability & clustering, advanced replication, continuous delivery, cloud, and Intershop studio.

Last Word

Driven by technology disruption, digital transformation, and widespread adoption of smart devices, companies are increasingly facing challenges to drive business growth with traditional practices. Companies are increasingly focusing on improving their online presence along with customer shopping experience to cater to the most demanding customers. Driven by unprecedented growth of e-commerce globally in recent years, customers are increasingly looking at investing in digital commerce platforms. These platforms help companies in managing commerce operations efficiently and improving customer loyalty by transforming customer shopping experience.

Intershop communication with its comprehensive digital commerce platform is well positioned to help companies in transforming their digital commerce processes for driving business growth. Intershop Commerce Suite, with integrated functionalities for Web Content Management (WCM), PIM, Order Management system (OMS), and personalized customer communications is a highly scalable and extensive platform enabling business growth for companies with multiple brands, countries, and touchpoints. Driven by its comprehensive technology platform, technology innovation, competitive strategy, and high industry impact, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recognizes Intershop Communications as 2017 Company of the Year in the global Digital Commerce Platforms market.