Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Market Outlook of Asia Region

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Market Outlook of Asia Region

This research service provides detailed analysis of market size, forecast, market share, key trends and strategic market insights. The base year is 2015 and forecasted year is 2016-2020.

Publication Date: 18 April 2016

Overview: GIS Market

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), is an electronic data system which captures, stores, analyses and displays information that is obtained by geographical referencing. Generally, the data in these systems is stored as multi-dimensional co-ordinates in a relational database, which are retrieved to perform spatial queries and analyses.

A GIS system allows recording a base map with a geographical referencing as longitudes or latitudes and then adds additional layers of other information depending on the request made. Importantly, that information is identified using the same geographical referencing made by latitudes or longitudes. It can show many different kinds of data on one map. This enables people to easily see, analyse and understand patterns and relationships across various domains.

GIS applications have wide range of uses from locating indigenous people, communities, research institutions, environmental scientists, health organizations; land planning, telecommunications and public sector

There is no limit to the kind of information that can be analysed using GIS and as technology is growing, applications of GIS in different industries is trending. However, a point to be noted is that the accuracy and efficiency of the data retrieved from GIS is largely dependent on the availability of accurate, spatial information (as base of GIS is geography).

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions research on Geographic Information Systems Market Outlook of Asia Region provides strategic insights and perspectives for technology suppliers and users. The study provides detailed information about market trends and challenges. In addition to strategic insights, the study provides market forecast analysis by key countries, revenue type, industry verticals, technology segments, customer type and sales channel. This research provides strategic analysis and competitive positioning of the key technology suppliers.

Strategic Insights: Geographical Information Systems Market

This research services address key strategic questions, such as

  • Is the global GIS market growing? What are the key areas for market growth in the next 3 to 5 years?
  • What are the major factors driving and inhibiting the market growth?
  • How are the market positioning of the leading suppliers in the GIS market?
  • What are the key strategic issues of the market with a technology users and suppliers perspective?
  • What are the major trends that are influencing the market growth and technology development?
  • How is the sales distribution of GIS market?

Table of Contents: Geographical Information Systems Market

Executive Overview
  • Key Findings
  • Market Characteristics and Analysis
  • Market Definition
  • Segmentation
  • Research Scope
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Market Size and Forecast Definition
Drivers & Restraints
  • Key Factors Driving the Market Growth
  • Key Factors Restraining the Market Growth
Market Forecast Analysis
  • Market Forecast Analysis – Total Market
  • Market Forecast by Revenue Type
    • Software License
    • GIS SaaS
    • Services
  • Market Forecast by Countries
    • Japan
    • China
    • India
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • South Korea
    • Indonesia
    • Taiwan
    • Malaysia
    • Thailand
    • Philippines
    • Singapore
    • Others
  • Market Forecast by Industry Verticals
    • Oil & Gas
    • Electric Power
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Telecommunication
    • Government
    • Engineering Services
    • Retail and eCommerce
    • Mining
    • Others
Market Share and Competitive Analysis
  • Leading Suppliers of GIS Systems Market in Asia
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Market Share by Revenue Segments
    • Software License
    • GIS SaaS
    • Services
Major Trends and Analysis

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