Overview – Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Market 

Published: 17 October, 2016

Customer identity and Access Management (CIAM) is a highly scalable and secure platform for managing digital customer identities from digital registration to customer profile management, providing authentication and access management. CIAM offers advanced customer insights and intelligence enabling marketers to implement effective marketing and promotion campaigns.

A typical CIAM platform offers following applications:

  • Customer Login and Registration
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Authentication
  • Single Sign-on
  • Access Management
  • Customer Insights and intelligence

Traditional identity and access management (IAM) were designed for managing identities of internal employees’ and business partners. This worked well as a secure platform for managing thousands of identities and its access governance. It was designed mainly for security and not for scalability. However when it comes to customer identities in today’s digital world, it requires scalability in millions and billions of identities. Hence traditional IAM is not appropriate for managing customer’s identity and access management. Hence today’s IT professionals are increasingly turning into Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions.

Widespread adoption of social networks and enhanced usage of connected smart devices are leading to complexity in the digital marketplace. Today’s customer are now interacting with online businesses in a variety of digital channels including web browsers, mobile browsers, mobile apps, and such others and expect a consistent user experience across these channels.

Customers are the driving force in adopting CIAM solutions. The platform helps organisations provide its customer a consistent brand experiences across web channels and multiple devices. Unlike never before customer experience is now the greatest factor determining the success of a firm. CIAM platform offers advanced customer insights for deeper understanding of customer behaviour and hence drives better customer engagement for most satisfying brand experience.

Customer Identity and access management (CIAM) Market Outlook research provides strategic information to the market participants and users which are responsible for strategic planning, marketing, sales, and purchasing CIAM solutions.

This study provides strategic analysis of CIAM market in terms of short-term and long-term growth opportunities. The study provides detailed market forecast analysis of CIAM market in various geographical regions and industry segments. This research service helps companies formulate growth strategies by identifying growth prospects, market trends, market drivers, and challenges in a high-growth booming market.

Table of Contents – CIAM Market Outlook

Executive Overview

  • CIAM Market Overview
  • Market Characteristics and Analysis
  • Key Research Findings

Key Factors Driving and Inhibiting the Market Growth

Strategic Technology and Market Trends

Market Forecast Analysis (Revenue Type, Global Regions, Industry Verticals and Customer Segments)

Competition Landscape & Analysis

  • Competition Factor Assessment
  • Competition Landscape Quadrant
  • Leading Supplier Profiles

Research Methodologies

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