DDoS appliances are used to block Denial of services (DoS) attack with multiple layer of protection. While most of the companies have invested in security technologies to protect their network against network security threats, traditional security solutions are not effective in protection against modern DDoS attacks. For users, who rely on web-based business model, DDoS attacks can cause significant downtime resulting in loss of business and market reputation. DDoS mitigation solutions extend user’s security perimeters to protect against DDoS attacks before they lead to serious damage. Hence several large enterprises are investing in DDoS protection appliances and DDoS mitigation services.

As DDoS attacks are increasingly becoming sophisticated, DDoS mitigation providers are increasing their budget on research and development (R&D) in order to improve detection accuracy and provide robust mitigation solution. For effective protection against DDoS attacks, users are increasingly looking at adopting a hybrid approach by investing in DDoS appliances as well as utilizing cloud-based DDoS protection services. In this case, during large-volume attacks, user can preset the value and can accordingly route the traffic to cloud-based scrubbing services when it exceeds the preset value.

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Table of Contents: DDoS Mitigation Market

Executive Overview


Competitive Landscape Analysis by Business Performance

  • DDoS Appliances
  • Cloud-based DDoS Mitigation Services

Competitive Landscape Analysis by Product Performance and Customer Impact

  • DDoS Appliances
  • Cloud-based DDoS Mitigation Services

Strategic Vendor Profile and Analysis

Strategic Technology and Market Trends

Research Methodologies

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