Customer Loyalty Solutions includes loyalty technology and services to help organizations design, implement, and manage loyalty program, measure its effectiveness, and improve engagements to boost customer retention, improve their purchase experience, and increase organization’s profitability. The loyalty program often utilizes strategies, including loyalty membership, reward points, and promotional offers to ensure repeat purchase, improve brand image, and gain loyalty. Loyalty technology provides functionalities for customer data management, loyalty program management, marketing, communication, user experience, and analytics functions to drive effective loyalty strategies. Global customer loyalty solutions vendors are making significant investments to add functionalities for personalized marketing and communication, personalized recommendation, gamification and customer experience tools, customer analytics and artificial intelligence, and integration with best-of-breed marketing, commerce, and customer experience tools.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recent study “Market Outlook: Customer Loyalty Solutions, 2020-2025, Worldwide” analyzes market dynamics, growth opportunities, emerging technology trends, and the vendor ecosystem of the global market. This research provides strategic information for technology vendors to better understand the market supporting their growth strategies and for users to evaluate different vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and its market position.

The research includes an in-depth analysis of major loyalty technology and solution providers evaluating their technology capabilities, market presence, and overall customer value proposition. The evaluation is based on primary research with expert interviews, analysis of use cases, and Quadrant’s internal analysis of the global customer loyalty solutions market. The research includes the analysis of the leading vendors, including Aimia, Annex Cloud, Bond Brand Loyalty, Brierley, Cheetah Digital, Clutch, Comarch, CrowdTwist, Epsilon, ICF Next, Kobie, Perkville, and SessionM.

SPARK Matrix Analysis of Global Customer Loyalty Solutions Market
Brierley has Emerged as 2020 SPARK Matrix Leader in the Customer Loyalty Solutions Market 

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis of the major customer loyalty solutions vendors by evaluating their product portfolio, market presence, and customer value proposition. The customer loyalty solutions market outlook provides competitive analysis and a ranking of the leading vendors in the form of the proprietary SPARK Matrix. The SPARK Matrix analysis provides a snapshot of key market participants and a visual representation of market participants. It provides strategic insights on how each vendor ranks related to their competitors, including various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact. The evaluation is based on the primary research with expert interviews, analysis of use cases, and Quadrant’s internal analysis of the overall customer loyalty solutions market.

According to the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global customer loyalty solutions market, Brierley, with its robust LoyaltyOnDemand platform and end-to-end loyalty service capabilities, has secured strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact. Brierley has emerged as the technology leader in the 2020 SPARK Matrix of the global customer loyalty solutions market.

2020 SPARK Matrix_Customer Loyalty Solutions Market_Quadrant Knowledge Solutions_Brierley LoyaltyOnDemand

Brierley Capabilities in the Global Customer Loyalty Solutions Market

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Brierley is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Nomura Research Institute and is the leader in the customer loyalty technology and solutions market. Brierley’s LoyaltyOnDemand platform helps organizations to empower their loyalty programs with effective execution of loyalty strategy, track performance, and improve customer engagements across channels and touchpoints to build loyalty and enhance profitability. The platform offers enterprise-grade scalability and integration across channels to support the complex use cases of global organizations. Brierley also offers strong professional loyalty service expertise with approximately half of its clients are utilizing services independent of loyalty technology platform to drive their customer loyalty strategies. Brierley’s offers end-to-end loyalty services, including strategic program design, creative program branding, communication planning or execution, and consumer insights. Brierley clients can choose LoyaltyOnDemand as a self-service loyalty platform or can utilize full support of Brierley’s professional service teams. Brierley’s LoyaltyOnDemand platform offers comprehensive functional capabilities with functionalities for loyalty management, member management, and integration and scalability.

  • Loyalty Management: LoyaltyOnDemand platform offers features for customer profile management, loyalty accrual and rule engine, and rewards and coupons. The LoyaltyOnDemand platform establishes customer identity and tracks behavioral information across interaction channels to enrich customer profile with information, including preference, account balances, spending patterns, and such others. It also incorporates survey tools for incremental profiling of customers. Users can manage customer profiles, including customer tiers with respective benefits, member merging, transfers and giftings, and such others. The platform includes a robust rule engine for various transactional and engagement loyalty accrual and build different types of loyalty currencies into members accounts. The platform comprises a promotion configuration wizard and advanced rule simulation to promote customer acquisition. The platform enables organizations to offer digital and physical product catalog to their customers to redeem loyalty points for rewards.
  • Member Management: The platform offers functionalities for campaign management, gamification & engagement, digital offers, and communications to improve customer engagements, build loyalty, and enhance profitability from the loyalty programs. The LoyaltyOnDemand platform tracks customer behavior, create customer segmentation to deliver targeted offers in real-time. Leveraging a quick campaign wizard, organizations can quickly build multiple campaigns for the targeted customers, consolidate marketing calendar, automatically trigger or schedule campaign execution. The platform also includes personalization capabilities to deliver personalized communication to customers at their preferred channels. LoyaltyOnDemand platform includes functionalities for gamification, integration with augmented reality, and digital offers to improve customer engagements, provide new opportunities to reward customers, and improve loyalty. The platform includes a robust communication engine to provide real-time personalized content through triggered messaging, emails, SMS, push notification and in-app messaging.
  • Integration and Scalability: LoyaltyOnDemand is built on microservice architecture and offer enterprise-grade scalability allowing organizations to start small and add new features to support evolving business needs. It provides public REST APIs to offer robust extensibility and seamless integration across customer channels, client applications, POS, and with multiple partner applications. With robust data privacy and security functions, including configurable PII classification, identity management, encryption of data in motion and at rest, and such others, Brierley’s LoyaltyOnDemand platform comply with various regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

Analyst Perspectives

Brierley has recently upgraded its UI to offer enhanced workflow-based campaign and reward management features to improve ease of use. The company has incorporated contextual input technology, such as facial recognition and others to capture the real-time mood, allowing brands to expand and influence loyalty rules and real-time personalized communications. The company continues to invest in improving LoyaltyOnDemand platform functionalities for enhanced multi-brand functionality with separation of administrative roles by brand and country for more complex loyalty programs. Additionally, Brierley is making further enhancements including optimizing next-best-action recommendation engine, location-based functionalities, personal assistant integration, and continual additions to the suite of REST APIs.

Brierley comprehensive industry experience, robust technology platform, and loyalty service capabilities offer strong customer ownership experience, enabling brands to provide superior customer experience, build brand loyalty, and improve profitability. Brierley’s LoyaltyOnDemand platform is built on microservice architecture and offers a full suite of REST APIs to support omnichannel operations and customer experience with all touchpoints connecting in real-time. The LoyaltyOnDemand platform provides comprehensive features and extensive out of the box functionalities to help organizations from different sectors build their industry-specific loyalty programs with minimum custom works. Brierley’s platform includes b-Relevant recommendation engine to offer personalized offers, recommendations, and next best actions/offers to the customers based on their behavioral patterns. The personalized recommendations are delivered via real-time campaign management tools and are often used to train the machine learning models to help brands respond to real-time conditions, such as weather, location, and inventory. Brierley has a strong presence in the retail & e-commerce, travel & hospitality, automotive, and media & entertainment segment. While Brierley has a significant presence and global client-base in the North America region, the company is significantly expanding into the APAC region, supported by its Tokyo office. Driven by the strong overall ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact, Brierley has been positioned amongst the 2020 technology leaders in the SPARK Matrix evaluation of the global customer loyalty solutions market.


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