Biometric Systems Market

Biometric Systems Market Research Outlook

Biometric Systems research service provides detailed analysis of market size, market forecast, market share, key trends, and strategic insights. The base year is 2015 and forecasted year is 2016-2020

Overview - Biometrics Market

In today’s hyper-connected and digital world, authentication and access control systems are constantly evolving to ensure robust security. As security threats are becoming stronger, traditional password identification number (PIN) for authentication is no longer effective. Advance biometric systems are helping organizations in enhancing security for buildings and infrastructures.

Several organizations, especially from banking and financial services industries, are looking at multi-factor biometrics including fingerprint, facial, voice, retina, and heartbeat for authentication. Biometrics suppliers are also designing solutions tailored according to industry requirements and as per local and international laws and standards.

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions latest research on “Biometric Systems Market Research Outlook” the market is expected to grow at double digits from 2016-2020. Increasing urbanization, emergence of mega cities, corridors, and smart cities initiatives is expected to drive the market for advance biometrics. In additions, government organizations across the regions are increasingly investing in advance biometric systems in border control and national security application.

Strategic Insights - Biometrics Market

This research services address key strategic questions, such as

  • What are the short-term and long-term growth opportunities in biometric systems and its market segments?
  • What are the major factors driving and inhibiting the market growth?
  • Which regions and countries offer the maximum growth opportunities?
  • How are the market positioning of the leading suppliers?
  • What are the key strategic issues of the market with a technology users and suppliers perspective?
  • What are the major trends that are influencing the market growth and technology development?
SBG Landscape by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Table of Contents - Biometric Systems Market Research

Executive Overview

  • Key Findings
  • Market Characteristics and Analysis


  • Market Definition
  • Segmentation
  • Research Scope
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Market Size and Forecast Definition

Drivers & Restraints

  • Key Factors Driving the Market Growth
  • Key Factors Restraining the Market Growth

Market Forecast Analysis

  • Market Forecast Analysis – Total Market
  • Market Forecast by Revenue Type
    • Hardware
    • Services
  • Market Forecast by Regions
    • Americas
    • Europe, Middle East and Africa
    • Asia
  • Market Forecast by Biometrics Type
    • Finger Print Recognition
    • Face Recognition
    • Palm Print Recognition
    • Voice Recognition
    • Iris Scan
    • Others
  • Market Forecast by Industry Verticals
    • Infrastructure & Government
    • Healthcare
    • Banking and Financial Services
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Industrial
    • Others
  • Market Forecast by Sales Channel
    • Direct Sales
    • Channel Partners
    • Distributors

Market Share and Competitive Analysis

  • Leading Suppliers of Biometric Systems
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Competitive Assessment

Strategic Technology and Market Trends



market forecast analysis by quadrant knowledge solutions



market share analysis by quadrant knowledge solutions

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