Augmented reality (AR) has changed the way of interaction with the world around. Being one of the most promising technologies in current times, it is continuously thriving and grabbing people’s attention. AR is an experience enabling digital projections to be superimposed onto real-life objects. It is predominantly experienced through smart glasses, headsets, and smartphones & tablets. Companies are investing heavily in the advancements of AR hardware owing to the need of current market dynamics. AR smart glasses and headset are gaining traction as it has been recognized as an essential technology enhancing shop-floor operators in the smart factories of the future. Smartphones and tablets are empowering users with a handheld AR experience along with various advanced features. These evolutions in the AR hardware are changing work dynamics making it valuable for organizations to operate, develop, and grow. Many of the tech giants as well are racing to create augmented reality-powered hardware of their own.

This Market Insight by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions covers the major trend of AR hardware advancements and elaborates on the huge impact it is going to have in technology and market development. Major highlights of the Market Insight include:

  • Advancements in Augmented Reality (AR) hardware
  • The strategic impact of AR hardware advancements on market development
  • Emerging use cases and future market direction

“The advancements in the Augmented Reality (AR) hardware is driving major changes in the manufacturing industry and therefore attracting several vendors to support AR-specific use cases. Technology advancements are driving the next era of workforce productivity and quality of experience for a range of industrial use cases. However, it is essential for companies to understand that piloting such technological upgrades makes it mandatory for the companies to undergo a cultural shift towards innovation, openness, and collaboration. “says Priyanka Jadhav, Senior Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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