As part of the research “Market Outlook: IoT Security, 2018-2023, Worldwide“, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conduct best practice research to identity best-in-class companies that has the potential to cause major disruption in the marketplace. In this research, nominations are submitted by analyst team to the best practice research team. The nominations are submitted based on the company’s technology capability and its market presence. Analyst team analyses competition landscape of the market to nominate top vendor organizations that offers exceptional technology solution, visionary innovation, and could gain significant market growth during the forecasted years.

Quadrant’s Best Practice Research team recognizes company as “Emerging Star” with best-in-class technology strategy driven by global megatrends and industry transformation. Quadrant research identifies best-in-class company that exhibits leadership in technology strategy excellence with high customer impact. Technology Strategy Performance is measured by company’s technology platform capability, ability to cause technology and market disruption, competitive strategy, and growth strategy. Customer Impact is measured by company’s ability to address unmet needs, product performance, ease of deployment, proven record, and customer service excellence. Company’s distinction in technology strategy excellence and higher customer impact prepare it to excel in delivering higher value proposition to its customer and attain greater success in the years to come. Followings are the evaluation of Emerging Star recognition in the global IoT security market in the device identity management segment.

According to the overall IoT security market analysis, Device Authority with its unique IoT security automation solution is recognized as 2018 Emerging Star in the global IoT security market in the Device Identity Management segment.

Device Authority is amongst the most innovative provider of device identity management solution for IoT devices. The company offers KeyScalerTM platform for securing IoT devices, applications, and data to help enterprises ensure device identity and integrity, data security and privacy, and compliance to global regulations in realizing their digitization goals. KeyScaler platform uses Device Authority’s agent with Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) and PKI Signature+ technology for device authentication to build trust in IoT devices. KeyScaler delivers comprehensive IoT security solutions with secure device registration and provisioning, automated password management, policy-driven credential delivery and management, and end-to-end device-derived cryptography for data in transit and at rest across network and cloud services.

Quadrant’s team believes that Device Authority, with its innovative platform and effective technology strategy, is well recognized for delivering a strong customer ownership experience. With its robust technology platform, KeyScaler, the company can take the lead in ensuring trust for IoT devices, data, and ecosystem in building end-to-end security architecture and scale for various IoT use cases. To provide a comprehensive value proposition in addressing the unique challenges of securing the IoT ecosystem, Device Authority has active partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Comodo CA, Dell, DigiCert (Symantec), Gemalto, Intel, Microsoft, PTC and Thales.

With its strong technology strategy performance and high industry impact, Device Authority is recognized as 2018 Emerging Star for IoT security market in the device identity management segment. Device Authority, with its unique KeyScaler IoT Security Automation platform, is well positioned to cause a major disruption in the IoT security market and become technology leader with continued focus on offering sophisticated technology platform, visionary innovation, effective competitive strategy, and customer-oriented solution to support wide range of industry applications.

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