GIS Systems Market Growth is Driven by Improved Visualization and Analytics

GIS Systems has evolved significantly since its emergence in late 1960. In recent years, mapping and data analysis has become an integral part of analysing geographical space. GIS systems has been evolved from providing descriptive (where & what) to prescriptive (so what and why) information about geographical space. Maps are increasingly being used from understanding physical description of geographical space to understanding complex spatial relationships by interpreting mapping data and combining map layers.

GIS Systems Market – Key Findings

According to new analysis from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions study “Geographical Information System (GIS) Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trends, and Analysis Through 2020″, market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2016-2020 and will reach $3.56 billion by 2020. While the majority of revenues continue to come from government sector, telecommunication, oil & gas and electric power utilities are expected to grow robustly from 2016-2020.

GIS System market has evolved significantly since its emergence in late 1960. GIS system integration with GPS system brought the technology into the palm of the hand for understanding geographic positioning with instant digital maps. In addition, improved visualization with 3D GIS systems provide greater visual experience and leading to increasing social acceptance. The new processing environment and evolution of display technologies have significantly transformed GIS application for spatial and geographical information.

There are several vendors offering GIS software as part of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and tailored application based GIS solutions. This has resulted in widespread adoption and social acceptance of GIS systems in a variety of government and business applications.

GIS systems market continues to evolve with further improvements in visualization with the emergence of virtual reality and immersive imaging. 3D-GIS is transforming to 4D-GIS systems with time as the fourth dimension. In addition to improved visualization, GIS applications are also expanding leveraging the power of predictive modelling and prescriptive analytics.

Quadrant’s Geographic Information System market research outlook study provides detailed information about market trends and challenges. In addition to strategic insights, the study provides market forecast analysis and market share analysis by global and regional market, industry verticals and other market segments.

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