Geographical Information System Market is Driven by Integrated Technologies

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions study “Geographical Information System (GIS) Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trends, and Analysis Through 2020” the GIS market is expected to grow significantly in the next four to five years.

The GIS market is estimated to be $ 2.63 billion in Base year 2015. While the majority of revenues continue to come from government, the Electric Power Transmission and Distribution vertical continue to post significant growth.

Integrated Technologies will accelerate the Geographical Information System Market

In the past decade, technology has seen tremendous changes. One of the important driving factors for the demand of Geographical Information System is number of other technologies can be easily linked to GIS software, which proves much more impact than stand-alone applications. With Geographical Information System it is possible to map, model, query, and analyse large quantities of data present and stored in a single database.

The development of GIS has always been proportional with the development made in different fields such as economics, mining, forestry, engineering, public sector, science, archaeology and such others. Indeed, some of the interesting application of GIS is its easy blending in various other applications.

Increasing Usage of Geographical Information System Application in Government Bodies

GIS plays a crucial role in military operations. In present digital era, Geographical Information System is an excellent tool for military operations. The use of GIS applications in military forces has revolutionized the way in which these forces operate and function. Military forces apply GIS in a variety of applications and also in monitoring of possible terrorist activity. Governments of developed nations especially the US have started policies to map areas that are prone to natural disasters; such initiatives will increase investments in GIS software and also the number of users.

Widespread Adoption and Social Acceptance of Geographic Information Systems

Increasing acceptance of Geographical Information System technologies by several businesses lead to the emergence of newer map forms and processing environment. Several vendors started offering Geographical Information System SaaS services and tailored application based GIS solutions. The emergence of integration and inter-operability standards lead to improved flexibility of GIS applications with custom views and display capability, and integration of other analytical tools. This resulted in widespread adoption and social acceptance of GIS technology in a variety of applications.

GIS systems were increasingly integrated with global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing imagery systems. GIS integration with GPS brought the technology into the palm of the hand for understanding geographic positioning with instant digital maps. The new processing environment and evolution of display technologies have significantly transformed GIS application for spatial information.

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