Financial Crime & Compliance solutions ensure that your organization adheres to the standards and policies that are specific to your industry and business. Organizations use a variety of strategies and techniques to prevent, identify, and report unlawful financial activity. Financial crime comprises intentionally attempting to profit financially from illegal activity and concealing the proceeds of criminal activity.


In addition to being a legal obligation, effective financial crime compliance measures are also crucial business practices. A company’s financial stability is safeguarded by making sure it has strong financial procedures in place and limits the negative effects of encouraging illegal behavior. Finding the right technology partner to fit the organization’s unique compliance needs is very important for any business. Even for the tech vendors, knowing their market gives them a competitive edge against the other players.

Financial Crime & Compliance

In this dynamic and complex business environment, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Financial Crime & Compliance research service will provide the latest intelligence you need to incorporate the latest technology developments, market trends and best practices into your strategies for the next generation of products and services. QKS’ strategic research and advisory service covers detailed quantitative and qualitative information and effectively guides strategic planning

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SPARK Matrix

Strategic Performance Assessment and Ranking

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix provides a snapshot of the market positioning of the key market participants. SPARK Matrix representation provides a visual representation of market participants and provides strategic insights on how each supplier ranks related to their competitors, with respect to various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact.
SPARK Matrix