Data Center Market is Transforming Owing to Edge Computing and IoT

Big data, Internet of things (IoT), edge computing and virtualization are acting as a catalyst for the data center market. Increased connectivity and high speed requirement for data transferring, data analysing and monitoring is fuelling the demand for high speed data center. Further, emergence of 100G data center network in a north-south connection is taking the data center world to a new level. LinkedIn’s data center LOR1, which is the first mega data center using 100G switch was built in Oregon, it will help LinkedIn to switch to ten thousands’ sized served jumping from hundreds and thousands of server fleet. Facebook has also announced that it would be moving to 100G by the end of 2016.

With all these advancements in place, users are incessantly thinking about efficient and faster data center by looking after cooling, power, space, and security needs of data center. Technological advancements have given the freedom of faster connectivity but at the same time it has raised the security concerns. This is a time to understand the changing dynamics in data center and to understand the their impact on the same.

Data Center Power Needs Is Growing With Each Passing Day

Data Center requires tremendous amount of power, Statistics suggests that by 2020, U.S. data center will consume six times the electricity of New York City. Data center rack design has been moved to 8 to 12kW per rack from earlier of 4 to 5 kW per rack. Technological advancement and hyper-convergent infrastructures of data center requires high energy per rack and thus, cannot run in aged data center. According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions findings, to restructure and redesign aged data center will be one of the most challenging factors in the coming years.

Internet of Things and Security Issues

Data center will be most affected by the advancements of IoT. More than 20 billion devices are expected to be connected from internet by 2020, which will fuel the demand for storage, communication, security and connectivity. By raising technological standards, cyber-crimes and threats complexity has also been raised. Attackers are well equipped by the technologies, thus security of data center cannot go unnoticed. With increased focus on cyber security of data center, physical security of data center is also important, to prevent unauthorized access of the data.

Edge Computing Is Mitigating the Connectivity Challenges of Data Center Market

Connected world demands faster and secure connectivity. Increasing loads on data center may result in slower data transmitting. Edge computing has emerged as a solution and helps in pushing central nodes of data points to the logical extreme (closer) of the networks (user). Edge computing has also provided the concept of regional data center, which has more than 10 racks, and is located closer to the user. This ensures the continuous connectivity of data and helps in mitigating the connectivity challenges of data center.

Data Center Cooling Also Raises Concerns

Increasing heating levels in data center has significantly changed the concept of data center cooling. Conventional cooling methods were based on air distribution methodologies, which resulted in several loop holes such as re-circulation, air stratification, by-pass air, and such others. Changing data storage paradigms and data analysing patterns has changed the cooling mechanism of data center as well. To maintain the efficiency of data center, it is crucial to keep the data center design simpler, so that excess heat can be by-passed, keeping the data center environment cool. Efficient cooling mechanism in data center ensures continuous flow of information and data security.

Last Word: Data Center Market

With increasing technological advancements and trends of Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Virtualization and such others, requirement of data gathering and analysing is increasing every day. It is difficult to manage something with is not monitored, and to get hold of managing user needs to monitor and control the data. Data center concepts have changed dramatically over the years, and are dynamic in nature,

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